The sweetest form of success is the most difficult to attain.  These are the ones that will compel you to muster the strength inside and give it with all you’ve got.  It is that moment when you are just prepared to let go of everything, and you will not know if your efforts would be enough until that last minute.  Our society will never recognise defeat; no history book will be willing to record defeat unless it is monumental.  Monumental defeats are the defeat that serves as a stepping stone for the success like the case of Sir Thomas Edison who allegedly took around 1000 tries before he managed to create a prototype.  Such is the story of the great Michael Jordan; most people probably think that he was already starting to dribble and shoot by the time that he started walking.  However, the NBA icon stumbled down a number of times before becoming a legendary player.

The Failure of Michael Jordan:  Steps toward Success

Most of you may be unaware that Michael Jordan’s past coaches has a little issue with the height of Jordan as it failed to reach the minimum height.  However, that did not stop the little Jordan from playing the sports that he loves; it even challenged him and pushed him to do his best.  Fast forward to this day and Jordan has become that legendary icon that not many can surpass.  He was that bright shining star who became the hero of the people who have the same love for basketball.

When Jordan asked about what made him so successful in the sports is basketball, he replied casually that it is because of his failure.  When he was in high school, the coach of the basketball team was only aware of him due to Larry’s success, Michael’s big brother.  He was invited to attend the basketball clinic and asked to try out for the basketball team.  Unfortunately when they announced the line-up of the varsity, his name was cut off on the list.  This, however, became the turning point in his basketball career.

He gazed in the list numerous times thinking that the coach only forgot to mention his name.  His mother used this as a motivation and told him that it is an opportunity for him to prove that the coach made a mistake of cutting him off.  He immediately leave his disappointment and improved his performance, he trained immensely and intensely.  His success was carried on to his college years and up to his years on the NBA.  There are still a lot of failures that he committed, but that didn’t stop him from pushing forward and being at his best every time he will play inside the court.

By sharing his sports failure on his mother, he has found a confidante that will guide him on what to do next after the disappointment.  Sharing your failure will allow you to look at it at a different perspective.


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