Bill Gates is one of the most successful and wealthy businessmen in the world. He is worldwide known and has managed to gain more than $ 72.700.000.000 and triumph in new technology solutions. However, this is not at all a story of immediate success or guaranteed outcome. Bill Gates had to fight his way through many difficulties that would otherwise devastate any other person.


A lot of people don’t know the story before Microsoft. Bill Gates had initially founded a company called Traf-O-Data. The company’s aim was to process and analyze data from the traffic tapes. This is currently known as big data. Alongside with his business partner, Paul Allen, they tried to sell their first product to the local County.

The processing service was an absolute disaster! This first demo failed and the machine never really worked. As they have both stated in the past, it was a complete disaster as it was not able to work at all.

Lesson Learned

This failure didn’t discourage Bill Gates. Instead, he returned to his lab and started from the beginning. He learnt a lot from this first attempt and kept track of all the things that went wrong. A few years later, he created the first Microsoft product and started his path towards success and wealth.

In 1986 Microsoft went public and made Bill Gates the world’s youngest self-made billionaire. Now Microsoft is the largest computer software company in the whole world!

Success Tips

What can be learned from Bill Gates’ story? Even the most successful men on Earth have started their success with a lot of bumps in the way. Especially Gates, who was not wealthy or well-educated! He just followed his passion for computer programming, and eventually, he succeeded.

The path is rarely paved with success from the very beginning. You have to be determined and keep in mind that you will fail a lot, in order to reach the desired outcome. If Bill Gates had a major failure, then you can rest assured the path is difficult and rough but can lead you everywhere you want.

Bill Gates Other Failures

Bill Gates has made several other poor choices along his business planning. He sometimes ignored what the next step should be, and this resulted in many failures. Being successful doesn’t mean that you will do everything right. Being successful simply means that you never stop trying. When the outcome is poor, you try again, and when the outcome is good, you have to persistently continue what you are doing.

Hard work means that your mind works unstoppably and there is no shaming feeling that can push you back. Forget all the fear of failure and try. Try hard, work, repeat yourself or try out something new. If you love what you are doing, you will eventually get there. Perhaps not like Bill Gates, but equally successful in your mind.


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