There are quite a few things that you’d need to account for if you want to make it in our highly competitive environment. The truth is that competition is scary, it’s overwhelming, and it’s not easy to deal with. Upon being stuck with adversity, it’s quite common that you might fail in certain strides. When it comes to academics, the pressure is even greater. The truth is that coming to a scientific break-through is far more challenging than marketing a product. You have to break completely new grounds and managing to do so is far from being as easy as it may seem.

In fact, a lot of the greatest scientists, philosophers and researchers have failed tons of times prior to finding something that’s worth it. The examples are numerous, but we want to focus on a man who completely shook the understanding of our origins. That’s right – you guessed it – we are talking about non else but the great Charles Darwin.

Charles Darwin’s Personal Failure

Charles Darwin gave up on his lifelong idea of becoming a professional in the medical fields. He quickly gave up his medical career early on and, in fact, he was quite commonly criticised by his academic professors and by his father of being too dreamy and lazy. In fact, Darwin himself told us that he has been considered by all of his masters as well as by his father to be a boy who’s not extraordinary in any way. What is more, they considered him to be below the common standard of what was deemed intelligent at the time.

It’s safe to say that all those people misjudged him terribly. Darwin went on to become the father of the Evolution theory which essentially explained the way we have evolved and come to be the advanced and well-developed organisms that we are today.

Overcoming Adversity

The truth is that had Darwin given up on his academic stride and fallen victim of the small talk and misjudgement of other people who were as close to him as it gets, he might never had been able to come to discoveries which are shaping the face of research for decades now.

It’s safe to say that adversity is an ever-present companion, regardless of the field that you want to thrive in. However, the ability of being able to overcome it is what separates those who are doomed to fail and those who are deemed for great success.


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