His Mother, His Biggest Inspiration – The Richard Branson Story

Richard Branson is one of the richest men today. And he said that his biggest inspiration in life is his mother, Eve. Richard said that his mother always encourages him when he is down, and someone who is always there to listen to his ideas. Not only did his mother help him on his journey to success, Eve Branson was also a successful entrepreneur who he looked up to.

Old age hasn’t stopped Eve Branson in doing what she wants to do. Aside from bonding with her great grandchildren, Eve is still very much active in the foundation that she has founded. The Eve Branson Foundation tries to make the lives of young girls and women in Morocco better through health care and education.

Always Ready to Help

Through the foundation, Eve Branson has affected and touched plenty of lives. It takes a lot of energy and effort to run a foundation and ensure that has all the resources it needs for its operations. One of her roles is to raise funds for the foundation. And one of the annual events that support that goal is the British Polo Day Morocco. It is a festive occasion that is capped with a gala dinner with the proceeds going to the foundation.

Each year Eve Branson is hands on in organising the gala dinner. Even at her age, she manages to ensure that the event goes according to plan. She takes the time to glam herself up, deliver her speech, and create new networks during dinner.

And that’s why Eve Branson is a big inspiration to her son Richard. As a philanthropist himself, he tries to emulate his mother’s examples. He looks up at his mother, who he considers as the greatest motivating force in his life.


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