We all know KFC because it has over 18,000 stores in 118 countries. However, Kentucky Fried Chicken also failed in the past. Here is the story of Colonel Sanders and Kentucky Fried Chicken.

Colonel Sanders was 65 years old when he received his first check from social security. It was $99. Sanders were broke, drove a beat up car, and lived in a small house. One day, he had enough and decided that he was going to change his life. He remembered that his friends liked his chicken a lot, and no one had the same recipe. This novel idea is what caused him to act and to leave his home.

Colonel Sanders left his home in Kentucky and travelled to different states to sell his recipe and idea. He would stop at restaurants, and talk to the owners about his chicken recipe that many people liked. He offered the recipe to the restaurants for free, but they would need to pay him a percentage of each item sold. Over 1000 restaurants across the united states turned him down.


After 1009 no’s, Colone Sanders finally got a ‘yes’. This ‘yes’ changed how the world saw fried chicken and Kentucky Fried Chicken was a hit. At the time, the Colonel was only receiving 4 cents on each piece that was sold. This was great until a new interstate bypassed the restaurant. The location was sold in 1956, and Colonel Sanders was left to having only $105 per month. He went back to the franchising projects that he had started. Colonel Sanders was creating deals without needing to do any leg work in 1963. There were over 600 restaurants in the United States and Canada that were selling his chicken.

In 1964, Jack C. Massey wanted to buy the franchising rights. He would do so in January 1965 for $2 million, and the deal with Colonel Sanders was completed in March


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