Impressive Facts about the Beloved WhatsApp Application

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WhatsApp is one of the most popular chat applications since 2009 when it was first launched. More than 1 billion users have installed WhatsApp in their smartphones these last years. 70% of all WhatsApp users use the app on a daily basis. After Facebook, Messenger, and Viber no one though there could be another application as successful as those. WhatsApp managed to succeed in under 2 years from when it was first launched and continues to attract more and more users every day.


Statistics indicate that approximately 1 million users embrace WhatsApp daily, in over than 109 countries all over the world. Another impressive fact concerns the country with most WhatsApp users. It is no other than Brazil which holds the largest amount of users. 93 million people use daily WhatsApp in their phones, in the streets of Brazil. Since this amazing app can support more than 53 different languages, it is no wander why most people choose to send messages, images and all kinds of documents through WhatsApp.

Since we live in the imaging era, technology is always there to help every user share his personal favourite photos and images through every social media platform. WhatsApp is still at the top of this list, with an average of 1.6 billion images transferred from one user to another, daily. These impressive numbers show clearly the users’ preference and the reasons why WhatsApp has been so popular to many different people and cultures.

Innovation in Your Contact List

WhatsApp admins are always trying to improve the user’s experience by redesigning some older features or bringing new, innovative ideas on the table. All users had to at some point change their contact number. This may lead to confusion among your friends and other contacts and will definitely consume a lot of time until everyone can have your new number again.

WhatsApp will attempt to update automatically this change so that you won’t have to do any other change. Through WhatsApp’s beta version, you can see that if you want you can change your contact number and let everyone know about it. You can even choose to share this update with certain contacts, or with all contacts that you currently have on your WhatsApp application.

Group Chats

Since you are definitely a member in a few chats, you must also change your number there as well. If you are not the admin, however, you need to contact the admin, ask him to insert your new number and remove the old one. With this new technique, all WhatsApp groups will be automatically updated, without having to do everything manually.

Testing Period

If this proves to be a useful feature, then WhatsApp admins will bring it to our phones as well. And why wouldn’t they? It is a great idea that will make the lives of all users a little easier. WhatsApp has won the hearts of billions of users around the world and continues to move forward and listen to all needs.


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