Back in the year 2014, KailashSatyarthi, an extra-ordinary gentleman won the Nobel Prize. He became the 7th Indian to win this prize. He is a man that for more than 30 years now, he has been fighting for child rights and tried his best to protect them from exploitation. From his office in south Delhi, he has organised peaceful protests, movements, and campaigns towards this noble course.

He Has Saved Thousands of Children

Since he started his campaigns in the 80s, Kailash is estimated to have saved more than 85,000 children from exploitation. It is amazing how he does not focus on his home country alone since his mission has been effective in a total of 144 countries. His mission started when he founded the “Save the Childhood Movement” or BachpanBachaoAndolan.

Keeps a Low Profile

Most of those that know about Kailash have come across him since he is known to keep a low profile. He is passionate in child labour matters, articulate and he does not speak with authority. Born to a police officer in Vidisha, Madhya Pradesh State, he went to a government college to study electrical engineering. He has founded a football club and a book bank paying school fees for the poor.

He Is Credited for the Global March

During this march that he started in the year 1998, he created awareness across the globe about child labour. It’s a march that involved people from over 140 countries in 103 countries. It is this movement that pushed 177 countries to have conventions against modern day slavery in kids.

He Started Young

His inspiration came when he was six years and saw an age mate working with his father. At 11 years he collected books together with his friends and gave them to the needy. At the age of 15, he dropped his surname Sharma and took up the name “Seeker of Truth” Satyarthi. Injustice led him to change his name. He gave up his career to deal with child modern slavery at the age of 26.

He Has Founded Various Organisations

Besides founding the BachpanBachaoAndolan, he is also the founder of RugMark. This certifies carpets that are not made from child labour. Tags are put on them to prove that kids were not involved in the production process. RugMark changed names to GoodWeave International.

He Faces a Lot of Danger in His Work

Raiding brick kilns, carpet-making workshops, factories and other businesses, he is vulnerable to attacks. He has had broken body parts, and some of his juniors has been killed while others injured. He says that despite the dangers of his work, he will continue fighting for the kids since slavery in unacceptable. He also recues girls in forced marriages.

In his 60s, KailashSatyarthi is one of the most influential figures not only in India but also across the globe. It is his noble doings that led him to win the Nobel Peace Prize and the Harvard Humanitarian of the Year Award.


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