Mechanical engineering is one of the best courses to take in college, not only because of the fundamentals that you will learn but also because it can lead into a promising career path. It is one of the most financially-rewarding careers that you can take into consideration, although the latter will depend specifically on how you market yourself and the specific industry where you will be working. In the rest of this post, we will take a quick look at some of the industries where mechanical engineers can be employed, and we will also have a glimpse of what work is going to be like.


In this industry, mechanical engineers can help in devising solutions that will be vital in national security and protection of a country’s citizens. You will take part in technologically-advanced projects, including design and maintenance of weaponry.


With the growing railway sector in the UK, relative to that of other regions in the United Kingdom, there is no doubt that this is a promising industry for graduates of mechanical engineering. With tracks that expand to more than 32,000 kilometres, there are plenty of opportunities that can be tapped. You will be concerned about thinking of the best approaches for the maintenance of the railways, designing new solutions, and improving the rail network in general.


This is another promising industry for graduates of mechanical engineering. You can be qualified to become a materials engineer. In this case, your basic responsibilities will include the development and testing of materials that will be used in the production line. Some of the products that you can be dealing with include computer chips and medical devices.



Mechanical engineers can also work in industries that are related to power generation. They can specialise in the maintenance and repair of different items that are found in a power plant, which can include gas turbines, coal mills, and steam turbines, among others. Aside from this, they can also work in industries that are related to waste management, water supply, and telecommunications, among other utilities.


There are several mechanical engineering subjects that will provide one person with the capabilities to excel in the aerospace industry. They know how to perform inspection of the aero engine, and more importantly, they are knowledgeable about the common problems that can be apparent from such. They can even head engineering design to come up with new solutions for aircrafts.

Research and Development

This is an unusual industry that is preferred by mechanical engineers, but this can also be promising. They can be employed in educational centres, as well as in laboratories and research facilities. Some of their duties include looking for novel ways to address various problems related to mechanical engineering and creating products that will be able to satisfy the needs of the market.


The design and manufacturing of vehicles is not an easy undertaking. Mechanical engineers can help in developing new designs that satisfy current demands while prioritising safety as well. Mechanical engineering principles will be utilised from research to inspection of vehicles.


Mechanical engineers can work directly in companies producing chemicals or in businesses using chemicals. Work opportunities abound, including in foreign countries, especially in places where the oil industry is booming.


From the design to the installation of mechanical machineries that can be used in the completion of various construction projects, the expertise of mechanical engineers will definitely be handy. They will provide site-specific solutions that are needed.


It is also common for mechanical engineers to work in companies that are engaged in the production of electronics. Their knowledge will be useful in coming up with electronic components that can be used in different industries, such as in the field of medicine and automotive.

Fast Moving Consumer Goods

This is one of the industries that can surprise many. The expertise of mechanical engineers can also prove to be useful in the manufacturing of fast moving consumer goods, such as those for personal hygiene and household cleaning.


With the knowledge of mechanical engineers in designing machines, they can also help in building water vessels, including those that are for leisure and trade. Many also work to make sure that these vessels are well-maintained.


The main job of a mechanical engineer in this industry deals with checking all the machines that are used, making sure that they are in their excellent condition all the time. This will ensure the highest quality of the medicines and other outputs.


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