Many people around the world are trying to lose weight. Some of them succeed while the majority of them end up in failure. This is the same story over and over again. The constant failure to become the person you really want to be. Struggling with overweight can be really frustrating and is a problem many people are trying to deal with. Michael’s story is not that different.

The Beginning

At the age of 30, Michael weighed more than 330 lbs. Ever since high school he had attempted to lose weight with several ways. Sometimes with success that was nonetheless lasted only for a couple of months.

His less demanding job along with the fact that had no personal life leaded gradually to the fully acceptance of his failure. This is the main reason why most people fail to change anything. They accept a fact and acknowledge that this fact can never change.

The Change

Until he met her. A new colleague that came a couple of months before blow the 31 candles of his cake. This woman was mostly shy, closed to herself and had a professional alienated attitude. However, this could not last long since Michael is the source of many daily laughter in the office. Soon they became friends, and since he had already accepted his failure, no attempt of improving himself was noticeable.

What even he couldn’t see was the graduated improvement that he was experiencing. His daily diet improved and soon he was a weekly visitor of the local gym. Michael managed to lose much weight during this year and never stopped since. But he never attempted to ask this girl out.

Why? Because in his eyes he was still a failure. A couple of years later, Michael had his very first relationship and seemed happier than ever. However, he never forgot about this woman he never asked to go out with him.

The emotion of success comes from within. No matter how many changes we make in our everyday life, we first ought to manage to feel our success to the bones. Take the first step today, face your failure and deal with it. Do not cry about it; do not over think it, just deal with it. Once you face this, you can begin your path all the way to the success in every aspect of your life.

Every single person is trying to achieve something in his life. You can put some goals, work hard towards them and succeed. Perhaps not at the first time, maybe at the tenth try. Who cares? Only when you can really come to terms with your previous failure, only then you can enjoy your true success.


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