8 years before the iPad was released, the Microsoft released their Microsoft Tablet to the world. The Microsoft Tablet was meant to replace heavy mouse and keyboard laptops. In 2002, we didn’t know that within the next 10 years tablets would be a huge part of day-to-day life. This was due to the failure of the Microsoft Tablet.

The major problem that people had with the Microsoft Tablet was the limited functions. The Microsoft Tablet was designed like a mouse and keyboard laptop, which used touch and pen controls instead of the traditional controls. This was a problem since nothing was designed to work with the pen and touch controls at the time, and no company wanted to design for these controls.

Apple saw these failures as lack of support for the touch controls.  So, they created their own operating system and programs before they released their touch devices. Apple made sure that the user would not miss having a mouse and keyboard.

Looking back at the history of the Microsoft Tablet and Surface tablet lines, one of the problems has always been that Microsoft is always using the same operating systems as their personal computers. Microsoft did listen to what people said about the Microsoft Tablet and made Windows 8 and RT work with touch screens. There were a lot of complaints from both tablet and computer users since there were problems with the design, and how Microsoft treated its apps.

Being DOA, the Microsoft Tablet was just another piece of technology that was both ahead of its time, and not sure what it wanted to be. Apple again took the time to work through the problems that come with both touch screens and how to turn a laptop into a tablet. Yes, it was 8 years of Microsoft releasing a few more versions of the Microsoft Table, which turned into the Microsoft Surface line after the Windows 8 release. 

Microsoft has one of the most used operating systems in the world. However, Microsoft has a long history of creating technology that is not supported, or is ahead of its time. The Microsoft Tablet may have been a huge failure for Microsoft, but Apple and other tablet creators fixed a lot of problems that the Microsoft Table had, and made tablets useful. Microsoft has not given up on Tablets since they are still making their Surface line and tried to go mobile with Windows Mobile. The question still seems to be how much longer Microsoft is going to continue only having one operating system for everything. Many people believe that having one OS for PC and Laptops, and another OS for mobile devices would fix many of Microsoft’s problems.



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