To be fit – this is what many of us envision. We want to not only lose weight but rather, to be healthy. Our goal is to not only shed off unwanted pounds and to build muscles but to achieve a favourable state of health, both from a physical and mental perspective. We take inspirations from the celebrities we admire, and we even call them fitspirations. Committing towards a fitness journey is easy to say, such as what happened in my case. However, the hard part is staying dedicated to your end goal. There are all sorts of distractions all the way. In the end, the sad reality of life is that you may be doomed to fail. In my case, yes, I failed.

The Start of My Journey

What motivates you to become fit? For others, it would be to fit in the society – a society that is obsessed with physical beauty, where your weight or shape of your body is often a standard measurement of who you are. For some, it would be heartbreak. Coming from a failed relationship, there are people who are inspired to be better, and by being better, they meant having a fitter body. In my case, I have to admit that it was physical beauty at first, but I also have health reasons. I believe that I am at the borderline of being obese. This was not confirmed by doctors, but based on how I looked like, that is what I would like to think. Such realisation made me start my journey to fitness.

How I Failed

Sadly, it was not as easy as what I have initially thought. Indeed, they are right when they said that it is no walk in the park. It is challenging. It is frustrating. I was on a high during the first few days. I was excited every time I have a scheduled workout. I enrolled in a gym. I also bought home fitness equipment. I was diligent in my research. I looked at how to eat clean without starving. My grocery habits totally changed. My refrigerator was unrecognisable because of everything healthy that is inside it. I was a changed person.But,it did not last long.

After a few weeks, I noticed that my energy was dwindling. I was being irritable. Occasionally, I had cravings. Most of the time, I was tempted. I gave up. I switched to unhealthy lifestyle in a snap. I started eating chips and sugary treats. I lost time for exercise. Soon, I forgot about how I initially wanted to be fit. Safe to say, it was a failed journey. I did not achieve what I want, but I guess, it is not yet too late to maybe give it another time. But definitely, such time is not today!


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