You never know just how much even the smallest gesture can impact someone else’s life.

How a Stranger’s Kindness Saved a Life

For a very long time, Anne had been going through a tough time in her life. Her marriage was not working out. Her husband constantly beat her into a pulp for the flimsiest of reasons. But she did not have a way out of this situation because she had been retrenched and could not find another job. He was the sole breadwinner, and she would be unable to support her three children if she left him. She had been too ashamed to seek help from her family and friends because she did not want to face the embarrassment. She felt like she had failed as a mother, a wife and a woman in general. Her college education now amounted to nothing since it could not even get her another job. She became hopeless and depressed and started contemplating ways in which she could end her life. She figured that at least the father would not be able to abandon her children. She would also spare the children the sight of a helpless mother.

The Ill-Fated Day

One fine day she prepared the children for school and dropped them off. Everything had gone smoothly that morning. The kids did not even give her a hard time getting prepared and so they reached school right on time. Her husband left earlier, so she had not gotten the chance to see him. She drove straight from school to a pharmacy. She had decided that on that day she would buy a different concoction of medication and take it all at once. She did not know exactly which one could kill her in high doses, but she figured a mixture of many in a high dose would do the trick. Once she walked into the pharmacy, there was a queue. When it was her turn, she walked to the counter and asked for different pills. However, when she was about to pay, she realised that she had left her purse at home. She had no identification, money or credit cards. To her surprise, the man behind her offered to pay for everything and expected nothing in return.

Reconsidering Her Decision

In shock, she asked the man why he would offer to pay and expect nothing. She had never experienced such kindness before. He explained that he always shared anything he had with someone in need, even a listening ear because it could be the difference between life and death. When she heard this, she broke down crying because she realised that there were kind people in the world who were willing to come to the rescue of those in need. She told him her story, and he encouraged her to call her mother. Her mother helped her to move back into her childhood home and encouraged her, assuring her that none of it was her fault. She went into counselling to help her cope with everything she had been going through. Anne’s life was saved because a stranger at the pharmacy stepped in and shared.



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