Most of the time, cooking is really fun and engaging. However, it can also become a nightmare, especially if you’re not too sure what you are doing, or you don’t have plenty of experience. Top chefs out there use some tricks that can help you facilitate the cooking process, enhance the taste of your food and help you store it better and longer. These are important cooking tips every Indian family feeder should know.

Crispier Puris and Bajjis

The crispier, the better or at least most of the times, but if you want to make some crispy puris that will impress everyone, be sure to add a bit of rava to the flour when you need. And if crispier bajjis is what you want, throw some corn flour in the mix.


Tomatoes are a great vegetable with a lot of nutrients and vitamins. In fact, a lot of them are concentrated in the skin of the tomato, so it would be best if you don’t peel it. But if you have to, you can significantly facilitate the process by soaking it in boiling water for a couple of minutes.

Ginger and Garlic Paste

If you want to make some ginger and garlic paste, always go for 60% garlic and 40% ginger ratio. Ginger is quite strong, and not everyone can tolerate its sharp taste. You can also make more paste than you need for future cooking, but be sure to freeze it if you plan to use it for more than a month. You can also add a bit of turmeric which has anti-bacterial properties and can significantly extend the life of your paste. Moreover, it will ensure a nice freshly-looking yellow colour even as the paste ages.

Refrigeration Tips

There are a couple of tricks that will help you when storing food in the refrigerator. Coriander leaves, for instance, should be placed in an airtight plastic container before putting them in the fridge. This will keep them fresh for significantly longer period. You should also always remove the stem of the chilly if you are storing them whole. And turmeric is not only helpful for ginger paste – you can also use for the fish you store in the fridge, but first, always clean the fish and add salt.

Never Throw Excess Water

If you are cooking dal or you are boiling vegetables, never throw the water that remains. A lot of nutrients and flavours are left in the water so why not use it when cooking something else. Dal water is great for preparing rasam or a variety of other soups and gravies.


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