Recycling has always been a problem in Greece since the government has not been able to offer great financial resources to support that concept. So people have sometimes been forced to neglect the directives of recycling, not having the proper funds or facilities to go ahead with recycling as it ought to be.


What These High School Kids Did

Instead of settling with the current situation, some high school kids from Alonia High School in Pieria thought about creating a smart recycling bin. The “Smiley Bin” is a recycling bin that operates with the power of photovoltaic energy, calculates the weight of what you recycle and offers rewards.

This is an innovative solution to the problem of recycling, as each municipality can promote eco-friendly strategies and satisfy the need of citizens to protect nature and get rewards while doing so. As you can imagine, this has been an effort greatly embraced by both the Government and the citizens of Pieria.

Success Story

Nine months after having conceived “Smiley Bin” as an idea to promote recycling and protect the environment, the team of the project took part in an international contest, and the outcome was amazing. At the JA Europe 2016 in Switzerland, the team won the “Life Changer” Signature Award. This has been the capping stone of their effort to do something that would really change their lives.

One Step at a Time

These students truly reflect everything that matters in life. As form of inspiration, they have managed to overcome the difficulties of limited funding and a hostile environment. Nevertheless, they did not give up; they worked hard, and the results have been more than satisfactory, leaving room for their next projects in the near future!


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