Some people have a notion that healthy cooking is like omitting the delicious taste of the meal and focusing entirely on the nutrients.  You will need to exclude salt, oil and other ingredients that make the dish sumptuous and luscious.  However, cooking healthy will not necessarily require you to learn the technique of the gourmet chef and invest on their expensive cookware.  You only need to be aware of the basic cooking methodology to make a healthy recipe.  With this, you will be able to greatly reduce the fat and calorie content of your food.   Here are some of the tips that you can use when preparing your favourite meal.

Tips for Healthy Cooking

Baking Tips

If you think that the only thing you can bake are desserts and bread, then you will be surprised that you can bake different meals such as fruit, vegetable, lean meat, poultry, and seafood.  When you are baking this stuff, it is recommended to put your food in a dish or pan that will be surrounded by the hot air of the oven.  You can also bake it uncovered or covered.  Baking is generally healthier as you are not obliged to add fat on the food.

Braising Tips

The braising initially begins with searing or browning the food.  You will need a preheated pan on the stove and then slowly cook the ingredient while it is partly drained in a small portion of broth or water.  In some of the recipes, the cook will set aside the water and will reuse later to trap the flavour inside the food or to create a mouth-watering sauce that will complement the taste of the main dish.

Grilling and Broiling Tips

With the grilling and broiling technique, the food will be directly exposed to an immense heat.  When you are grilling outdoors, you will need a grill rack that is placed on top of the ember of charcoal or any rock that is heated by gas.  Indoor grill is less complicated; you will only have to follow the instruction in the manual.  In case you are planning to grill smaller items, make sure to wrap them first in a foil to avoid them from slipping through the grill rack.  When broiling, you will use the broiler rack that is below the heated element.  This method will allow the excess fat to drip.

Poaching Tips

When you are poaching your food, mildly simmer the ingredients in a liquid.  You may choose to add flavour on the liquid such as wine, vinegar or broth.  Keep cooking the meat until they are tender.  With poaching, the food will maintain the original shape.  When you are poaching using the stove, make sure that you will choose a pan that fits the overall size of the food.  This way, you will only require a small amount of liquid.

Cooking healthy does not mean losing all those flavourful dishes.  You can satisfy your tongue palate while maintaining the nutritious element of your food.


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