There is no online user in the world that is not familiar with Huffington Post. This online news site was founded in US in 2005, as a local edition for news around the world. Its immediate success, though, has led to international versions and special editions as well. Though this online community has millions of readers at the moment, this was not the case at the beginning.

Arianna Huffington’s Early Years

Arianna Huffington was born in Greece, and then she moved to London. She has completed her economic studies in Cambridge, moving forward to work for BBC. After that, she decided to move to New York. Arianna started her favourite activity and took up writing books.


Though her first book met some recognition, she had great difficulty in finding a New York publisher for her second book. Actually, she had to be rejected not once but 36 times, before she could find a publisher willing to publish her book. Many people would have given up by the tenth or even twentieth try. But this was not the case for Arianna. In fact, that is what separates people who would do anything for their dreams from quitters.

Huffington Post

After publishing several books, Arianna saw the imminent need for online news that would be truthful and objective. She founded Huffington Post, which she is still managing up to this date. Huffington Post did not meet the major success it currently possesses right from the start. Many reviewers had posted several negative reviews.

Many people would criticise the site’s quality and potential, betting in Huffington’s undoubted failure. However, Arianna never gave up.

Hard Work and Success

Arianna was at first the only one who had complete control of what was published, the articles and everything they included. She often worked all day to preserve the high quality she believed she was offering to the public.

Of course, Huffington Post overcame the initial negative reviews and became one of the most successful and popular outlets on the web. Arianna has gradually built a whole empire in the field of online publication.

Success Story

Arianna teaches other people to be persistent and true to their dreams. Her story can inspire many people who are struggling every day. If a successful, well-educated woman like her met so many challenges and overcame them, then there is nothing hard work cannot achieve. Names and cases like this will always be stories worth mentioning.

Perhaps someone who’s currently facing rejection or is seemingly failing can regain the courage to try again. 36 rejections brought Arianna to the desired outcome. How many rejections can you handle, in order to make your dream come true? The key is to try and try once more until the answer is yes. Don’t give up on your dreams!


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