Narayana Murthy is known as the founder of the huge IT Company, Infosys.  He is known as the father of the IT industry of India with a total net worth of $1.9 billion.  Today, he is the Chairman Emeritus of the company which offers services like outsourcing, engineering, technology and business consulting.  But fulfilling his long list of achievement was not that easy.  He lived in a poor family, but his determination and passion helped him to attain that elusive success.

The Journey towards Success

Narayana Murthy was born at Karnataka.  His father worked as a high school teacher who is making a standard salary.  As a student, he was known to be one of the brightest of his generation despite of the fact that he does not receive any coaching.  He would often help his friends on their studies.  During his early years, he will often dream about getting a course in Engineering at one of the most prestigious universities in India.  When he took the entrance examination, he was able to pass it with remarkable result during his first try.

His first work experience was at the Indian Institute of Management as a Chief Programmer.  He accomplished a lot of things during this time, but the pay for his job was not decent.  Around the beginning of the 70s, Narayana Murthy started his own entrepreneurial attempt which is a consulting firm.  While trying to grow his business, he was also dating his future wife, Sudha.  He wanted to marry her, but the father of his wife said that he needed to settle on a decent work before he gives his blessing.  Narayana refused to pursue another job and decided to continue on his entrepreneurial efforts.

Unfortunately, the company suffered a heartbreaking loss after a year, and Narayana Murthy end up closing the company.  He has no other option but to take the job at the Patni Computer System.  After being a general manager, he was given the blessing to marry Sudha.  His marriage with his wife will trigger the change that will define his entire life.

While he was working at Patni, he once again felt that urge to be an entrepreneur.  He is deeply committed in creating software that is designed to help people, but unfortunately, he does not have the resources at that time.  Sudha decided to help him by giving him 10,000 rupees.  She also took care of all the financial needs in their house for 3 years.  With enough money to start a company, he met with his friends on their apartment and discussed about creating company.  Six months after they started on this new venture, Infosys has been born.

In 1983, Infosys moved to Bangalore where the initial years of operation were not that smooth.  But despite of these struggles, they make sure to have some time with their families.  The rise of the company started during the early 90s particularly in 1993 when the company went public.  After 2 years, Infosys has established development centres in major cities all over the world.


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