Growing up is not easy for one of the richest man in Russia, Roman Abramovich.  His mother passed away when he was just one year old, and his father met a gruesome accident that took his father’s life when he was four.  His natural talent for business has helped him to overcome the struggles of life.   The early part of his life was far from his glamorous life in West London.  He spent his childhood days in the harsh region of Komi where the winter season is unforgiving especially to an orphan like him.

The Struggles in Pursuing His Entrepreneurial Career

During his early years, Roman Abramovich took different odd jobs in order to survive.  He worked at the local factory as a mechanic and as a trader at the black market.  He also experienced selling shaving cream, toothpaste, and perfume.  The first ever legal business venture of Roman Abramovich was selling the plastic ducks made by his toy company.  Within a span of few years, he already owned several pig farms and numerous oil corporations.    Roman perfected the art of divesting his investment in bigger acquisitions.  Furthermore, Roman Abramovich also possessed a stake at Sibfnet.  He amassed a total of £ 1.8 billion when he cashed in his stake on Sibfnet.

By the year 1996, Roman Abramovich has different connections in government.  He also has a close relationship with Boris Yeltsin.  It was also during this year when he chose to move to an apartment located in Kremlin due to the invitation of the family of Yeltsin.    By the year 1999, he was elected as the governor of Chukotka.  While he is known to possess an enormous amount of wealth, the same thing cannot be said with Chukotka.  The region at that time is experiencing a financial crisis.   He is also the founder of Pole of Hope which is a charity institution that assisted the people from the province of Chukotka.  He contributed millions of money to develop the educational system of the region.  It was reported that he spent a total of £112 million in order to rebuild this remote region.

In the year 2003, he became the official owner of Chelsea.  But aside from managing this football club, he also managed to finance the football club of his own country.  CSKA Moscow has been receiving a steady financial assistance that helped them in discovering new talents.

Roman Abramovich never stopped in divesting his investments.  Even though he already have different estates in various part of the world, he still bough an impressive structures located in London.  Actually, he bought the apartment per room until he owns the entire structure.  He plans to renovate the entire building except the façade.

He is known to be a pretty secretive and media-shy personality.  Aside from his entire collection of investments, Roman Abramovich also indulged himself on his collections of paintings, super cars, yachts, and jets.  It is so amazing how Roman was able to transform his life from an orphan to one of the richest man in the world.


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