When he was 26 years old, Milton Hersey is the least likely candidate to succeed.  He was flat broke, and his past attempt on the business turned out to be a failure.  But Mr. Hershey has that extreme passion and dedication that helped him in fulfilling his dream.  Eventually, he was able to devote his entire energy and life in manufacturing one of the best chocolates in the whole world.

The Story of Milton Hershey

The inspiring story of Milton Hershey began last 1893 when he purchased some equipment at the World Columbian Exposition.  He started by experimenting on cacao, sugar and boiled milk to manufacture a milk chocolate that can be afforded by the general population.  In a short year, he was able to improve his recipe, and by the year 1903, he established a new chocolate company that bears the name Hershey’s.

Compared to the other industrialists during that time, Hershey’s expanded beyond the industry of his chocolate company.  He constructed infrastructure, public transportation, schools, parks and homes which improve the life of the people.  His concept about wealth is accompanied by a deep sense of benevolence and moral responsibility.  When he and his wife found out that they do not have the ability to have a child, they founded a school exclusively for the orphaned boys.

His wife had a premature death at the year 1915.  During this time, he decided to give a huge portion of his wealth for a good cause.  The ownership of the company was then handed over to the Hershey Trust which is the same company that funds the Hershey School.  By the year 1935, he established a charitable institution that provides educational and cultural facilities for the residents of the Hershey Town.  He died at the age of 88 at the Hershey Hospital.

Today, the Hershey Town is still the house of the entire factory.  This place is not that hard to find.  People will smell the sweet scent of chocolate as they drive along the town.


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