If you want the best for your family and give them the most healthy meals you can, then cooking more health conscious it the way to go. Don’t give them the sodium infused pre-packaged meals or the fat dense oil fried meats.

Cooking healthy is all about what ingredients you put in and how your prepare them. Using more fruits and vegetables and using lean cuts of meats will give you more nutrients in your meal preparations. Even leaving out the battered and fried chicken and the oiled skillet frying of your zucchini you can still develop meals with tons of flavour and pack in more nutrients without the overuse of salt and fats.

Choosing what types of ingredients you will use depends on your family’s desires and what they enjoy eating, but by using them in the correct ways to enhance their flavours and get the most benefits from their vitamins and nutrients is what counts. Start shopping for the healthier food alternatives such as low-fat dairy products and by choosing the unsaturated oils such as olive oil.


Instead of skillet frying your zucchini and boiling your Brussel sprouts try steaming them. You get more bangs for your nutrient buck by steaming the veggies, and the natural taste of them will be enhanced. Steam all your seafood instead of frying or pan searing them to create a delicious flavourful meal. Steam cooks and seals in nutrients and flavour naturally without the added fats and carbs when frying battered seafood or skillet frying in oil.

Broil and Bake

By broiling and baking your seafood, meats and vegetables instead of frying them in deep fryers and skillets will cut down on the fats used and will give you more nutrient dense foods. Broiling and baking your ingredients helps seal in all the vitamins naturally inherent in the foods, and don’t forget to not add salt while you are cooking.

Using other herbs or even lemon juice at the end of cooking items like fish and vegetables can add the same types of desired flavour you get with salt. Cutting down on salt intake is important to overall good health and can cut down on future risks of heart disease.


Stir-frying your meals is a great way to develop the flavours you desire without all the added salt and fats with other types of cooking methods. Stir-frying uses high heat to quickly brown vegetables, fish, chicken and beef all at once. It brings out the flavours while sealing in the nutrients, but you have to remember to use the unsaturated fat oils when stir-frying your meals.

Using certain cooking techniques to seal in the vitamins and minerals of vegetables and lean cuts of meat and fish will help you cook healthier for your family. When you are shopping choosing the lower fat and sodium products that are higher in protein and nutrient rich will give you healthier benefits while cooking your meals.


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