Walt Disney was without a doubt the most famous and successful cartoonist of all time! Disney began sketching cartoons for many small companies, after returning from France and the Great War. Born in a very poor family, Walt started working at a very young age, ditching school and the opportunity of being educated.

While working in the first company, Walt decided to borrow one of their cameras. He set it up at his backyard and began making his very own cartoons. The so-called Laugh-O-Grams were sold, and soon a company approached Walt Disney. They promised to give a large amount of money to Disney’s animations so that he could complete the task in a more professional manner. The company soon closed, and Walt didn’t receive more than $ 100.00.

Hollywood Opportunities

Disney moved to Hollywood, in pursuit of his dream. Every studio in town turned him down. Many said he lacked the creativity and imagination to make something unique and original. No one was interested in what Disney had to offer. Criticism and failure were his everyday partners until an animation company decided to hire Disney.

The first animated sketch of Walt was a rabbit that seemed to make a huge success. The rabbit was projected in every theater. Soon, the company decided to take advantage of Disney’s lack of copyrights and fired him, while keeping the animated rabbit.

The First Million Dollar Idea

Disney worked really hard to produce an original idea. Having in mind a sympathetic little mouse, and with many modifications along the way, Mickey Mouse was born! His success was gradual, and no one could have guessed that this single idea would skyrocket Disney’s success.

Mickey Mouse was everywhere, and when the voice kicked in, he became America’s most beloved animated character. The next risky move was Snowhite and the Seven Dwarfs. Everyone tried to change Disney’s mind, with no success. Walt was determined to create this movie and felt confident enough for his idea. The movie paid off all of Disney’s debts and helped him proceed with his dream..

Walt Disney overcame many difficulties along his way until he could finally be certain of his success. His talent was questioned, his work had been taken advantage of and often even his family would not support him. Disney didn’t give up. He continued pursuing his dream until he succeeded.

Today, his heritage lives on with many animated movies created annually. However, every child in the world watches the first films that Disney had created over and over again. Mickey Mouse has always been a famous, beloved character that will never be forgotten. Through his films, Disney will always be remembered as a stubborn and creative individual, and nothing could stop him from chasing his personal goals!


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