There are many career opportunities for graduates of Mechanical Engineering. It is a very diverse field that covers a wide range of topics that include heat transfer, fluid dynamics, and automatic control systems. There are lots of job positions available for Mechanical Engineers. They can be researchers, managers, mathematicians, and a lot more. They can also perform traditional Mechanical Engineering duties.

Skills Gained by Mechanical Engineers

A Mechanical Engineering degree will give an individual a solid foundation in engineering principles, as well as other transferable skills that include the ability to find solutions to problems; analytical skills; numeracy; good communication skills; and the ability to prioritise and finish work on deadlines. Most of the courses focus on projects that are relevant to the industry. Graduates also have practical experience via work placements.

Mechanical engineers are creative. They design and build complex machines and equipment. That’s why it is important to have a creative mind to complete the tasks.

Mechanical engineers also develop good listening skills during their years in the university. They often collaborate with others on projects, and they need to listen and analyse various approaches in order to complete their tasks.

Another common skill that mechanical engineers have is their math skill. Mechanical engineers need to know the principles of statistics, calculus, and other advanced math subjects for design, troubleshooting, and analysis.

Problem-solving skills are important for mechanical engineers. These skills are required in order to help find solutions to problems that might arise while designing or building products. Finally, mechanical engineers gain mechanical skills that allow them to apply mechanical processes and engineering concepts in designing new systems and equipment.

It is also essential for mechanical engineers to be keen observers. They must be able to quickly spot any problem, and consequently, determine the best approach to solving an issue that they will be confronted with. They have a strong eye for details.

Jobs for Mechanical Engineer

Graduates of Mechanical Engineering are sought for consulting and contracting roles on design, operation, maintenance, and implementation of machinery and equipment in various industries that include automotive, manufacturing, petroleum, mining, water, energy, pharmaceutical, and aerospace. A Mechanical Engineer can also have a career in finance, management, and IT, especially graduates who are interested in commerce and business. Among others, the following are some of the most promising career opportunities for mechanical engineers:

  • Aerospace Engineer: From dealing with the most common airplane problems to making sure that their engines are well-maintained, you will be involved in a wide array of duties.
  • Automotive Engineer: Those who are employed in this field will most likely find themselves working in car manufacturing plants and will help develop new technologies in the automotive industry:
  • Contracting Civil Engineer: This will be mainly about construction and design. Some of the specific projects include waste management, coastal development, and highway construction.
  • Maintenance Engineer: In this job, mechanical engineers will have to make sure the continuous and efficient running of machinery and equipment.
  • Nuclear Engineer: From designing to maintaining nuclear power stations, this is one of the most advanced jobs for mechanical engineers.
  • Mining Engineer: This job will include the assessment of mining ventures and making sure that mining facilities are well-maintained.
  • Technical Sales Engineer: Mechanical engineers who have excellent communication and people skills can also work as members of the sales-force.
  • Railway Engineers: This is an opportunity in the public transportation sectors. The mechanical engineer will not only help design rails but will make sure they run properly.
  • Construction Site Supervisors: Mechanical engineers are also always present in a construction site in order to direct workers and make sure the proper functioning of all equipment.

Postgraduate Options

For mechanical engineers, like people in other professions, learning is never-ending. With this, it is no longer surprising that there are people who pursue post-graduate studies, which provide an opportunity to widen their knowledge about the field and to increase their value as an engineer, which can consequently result in a higher salary.

MSc in mechanical engineering will not only include lectures but also include completion of actual projects wherein you will have the opportunity to apply the skills that you have learned.

As you can see, there are lots of opportunities for a Mechanical Engineer after graduation. Prospects for mechanical engineers are good. In order to improve one’s chances of employment, it is important to learn the latest software tools that can help turn a concept into a finished product.


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