There once was a free spirited, little monkey that lived in a large and beautiful jungle. He spent his days walking around the jungle, resting, climbing in the trees, and eating fruit. One day, when he was wandering the jungle, he found a village.

There were many homes in this village. The money looked inside of one the homes in the village. He saw a large bowl that was full of bright red apples. He decided to eat these apples, so he took one apple in each of his hands and ran back into the forest. Safely back in the forest, the monkey sniffed both of his apples, but there was no smell to them. He then tried to bite the apple, but the apples hurt his teeth. The apples that the monkey had grabbed were made from wood. However, they looked very delicious. The other monkeys are the same jungle saw the wooden apples and also wanted the apples. So, the little monkey had to hold onto his wooden apples tighter than before.

monkey lessonHe wandered throughout the jungle, admiring his new possessions. The apples glistened in the sunlight and seemed to be perfect to the monkey. He soon walked by other fruit trees. The scenes of the ripening fruit reminded the monkey that he was hungry. The monkey wanted one of the ripe bananas to eat, but he did not want to put down the apples. He was afraid of losing the wooden apples and wanted to protect them from the other monkeys. He was proud of his wooden apples, but he was not happy as he continued his walk on the forest trail.

appleThe longer that he held onto the apples, the longer that he had them. The poor monkey thought about letting go of the apples for some time, but the idea of letting go of valuable apples seemed very crazy.

He was very unhappy. The monkey was tired, hungry, and could not collect fruit or climb trees because both his hands were full. The more he saw the ripe fruit in the trees, the hungrier he became. After some time, he gave up protecting his apples and dropped them on the ground. He reached for the ripe fruit and enjoyed his meal. The monkey was happy once again.

The Moral of the Story

Many of us are like the monkey, we carry things that we see as too valuable to let go of. This can be our pride, image, status, wealth, and possessions. At the same time, we forget about what should be important in our lives. Many times, we do not think about what we have forgotten about until it is too late. The most important things in life are family, friends, compassion, and love. However, we can blind ourselves to them.

Many people become blind trying to hold onto the things that they see as too valuable let go of. However, what good are items if there is no one to enjoy them with or if you cannot enjoy them yourself?


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