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It’s hard to explain what happened to me while taking, what turned out to be, one of the most adventurous baths in my life. It’s worth noting that I was casually texting a friend of mine throughout the experience until all hell decided to break loses. Let me tell you what happened.

So the other day I was in the shower having a relaxing bath after a long day when this bird came in from the window. It started flying around the bathroom knocking everything over. Shampoos, conditioners, soaps, toothbrushes, you name it – it was going DOWN. I was clearly shocked of what was going on, and I took a step back trying to escape this nonsense and open the door but I stepped on a soap that had fallen down on the floor, and I fell down, smacking my head real hard. First time I saw stars and I realised all these cartoons which show stars flying around the character when it hits its head are real. So as I was starting to regain consciousness the bird kept on swinging its feathers around the place, destroying the peaceful order. Finally, it decided to land on the counter and takes a rest.

Not Done Yet!

Obviously overwhelmed by the chaos, it started looking around the world it had created with a slight pride and appreciation in its work of art. As a one true artist, putting chaos in the order, it started looking at me as if it wanted to show pride in its piece of work. So I started yelling at the creature to get out and that it can’t just go in people’s houses creating art, that some people are not really into art and they just prefer to be left alone. That art is not for everyone, and we all deserve our personal space. I am not sure if it understood me, so I grabbed it with my towel. I fell down again. I was all soapy. It was a mess.

It Was Over!

So I catch the bird a second time after I fell down and then I went to the door to release it. Let it free and give it the chance to paint other people’s homes. I was all naked, soap covering my whole body as I was strolling through my garden. I didn’t want to just throw it out the door since it could come back straight in so I had to make a few steps on the grass in front of me. As I threw it in the air and finally set the artist free, I looked around. And there were my neighbours and their little kids. Watching me while I was having a fiery conversation with the intruder.

Needless to say, I messaged my friend, and there weren’t enough emojis in his WhatsApp to depict the hilariousness of the entire situation. Of course, everyone was laughing at me from atop but, at the end of the day, I have a cool story to tell.


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